New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday responded to President Draupadi Murmu’s address to the Rajya Sabha. Even before PM Modi’s speech started, opposition members started shouting slogans. The Prime Minister continued his speech amid the ruckus. During this time, the PM also took a dig at the Gandhi family about the Nehru surname.

“If Nehruji’s name was not mentioned in any event, some people’s hair would stand up. “I don’t understand that if Nehru was great, why didn’t anyone in his family bear the Nehru surname? What an embarrassment in having Nehru surname. Such a great person does not approve of you and your family… And you ask for our account.”

As soon as the Prime Minister started his speech in the Rajya Sabha, opposition members reached the center of the House and started shouting slogans loudly. However, even amidst this sloganeering and noise, PM Modi continued his speech. “The country is seeing how many people are being hit by a single person. They have to change people even to speak slogans. I have been speaking alone for an hour, but I have not stopped. They don’t have the courage, they are looking for a way to escape.”

PM Modi further said, “States will also have to be disciplined for the economic health of the country. Only then will the states also be able to take advantage of the journey of development. You did not pay attention to those who had a dream of two meals a day. You haven’t seen social justice, we have seen it. We took steps to provide opportunities. We should move with determination to fulfill the dreams of independent India.”

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