Richmond: Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has advocated direct flights between Canada and Punjab. On Wednesday, he visited the Sher-E-Punjab radio studio and interacted with Harjit Singh Gill. 

During his interaction with Harjit Singh Gill, Pierre Poilievre talked about wide ranges of issues pertaining to Canada and communities. 

On the issue of direct flights, Poilievre says it is time for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step up and get Canadians the airlines they deserve that includes fighting for a direct flight from Vancouver and/or Toronto to Punjab. 

He says other countries like Great Britain and Singapore have direct flights to Punjab that proves the Indian government has no problem with direct flights.

“Liberals are lying and saying that India won’t allow direct flights to Punjab. Why does Singapore have a direct flight to Punjab? Why does Britain have a direct flight?” Poilievre asks. 

He says governments of those countries have stepped up and negotiated deals to get these flights. 

“We have the biggest diaspora of Punjabis everywhere in the world. We should have direct flights to Punjab. I have spoken to the Indian High Commissioner on the issue and he welcomed this move. I even spoke to Air India representatives and they have no problem with this. They just have to get work on the logistics. But, we have to fight for it and it would be good for business for India and Canada,” the Conservative Party leader tells Harjit Singh Gill. 

On January 22, he wrote a letter to Federal Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra regarding direct flights between Punjab and Canadian cities.

On immigration, Pierre Poilievre criticized the Liberal government. On immigration wait times and backlogs, he says this is another “incompetence” by the Trudeau government.

He says, “We are spending vastly more on the immigration department, yet the processing time slowed because the Prime Minister refuses to impose accountability on senior bureaucracy. We need to speed up processing times and get 1.1 million people who have been waiting longer than acceptable time to have their cases settled so we can reunify families and fill job vacancies with high-skilled families.”

He also repeated his demand for closing Roxham Road crossing in Quebec. 

During the interview, he also talked about handing of foreign interference issue by the Trudeau government.

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