Chandigarh: The Income Tax Department has raided the house and premises of Ankur Narula, a Christian community leader of Jalandhar and pastor of Khurla Kingra Church. The team reached his house along with central security forces at 6 am on Tuesday. The case is said to be related to money transactions.

The team has kept people detained inside the house. No one is allowed to come in and out. Police have been deployed outside the house. At present, no formal statement has been made by Narula or Income Tax in this matter.

According to preliminary information, the Income Tax Department detected some wrong entries regarding the transaction of money and it was found that there has been some transaction of money abroad too. In this regard, the Income Tax Department team raided 11 locations of Pastor Ankur Narula simultaneously.

A few months ago, the Income Tax Department team raided the house and premises of the pastor. Then after 2 days of continuous action, the pastor was given a questionnaire and asked for his answers.

In the last raid, it was revealed that the pastor was investing abroad. The pastor is building a church in Switzerland. For this, money was sent from India.

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