New Delhi: The India government has denied the UK media reports that UK-India trade deal talks suspended over Khalistan issue.

Earlier, a Britain’s newspaper has reported that India has stopped negotiations on the free trade agreement issued with the United Kingdom. The move, reportedly by India, comes at a time when the Indian flag was insulted during a protest by pro-Khalistan Sikhs at the Indian Embassy in London.

The Times newspaper has reported that the talk of a free trade agreement between India and the United Kingdom has now fallen into jeopardy.

Pertinently, there was a strong reaction from India soon after the fierce protest at the Indian Embassy in London by Khalistani supporters.

On behalf of India, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had issued a strong statement in this regard and the Ministry of External Affairs also summoned the Uk Ambassador to India and warned about it.

The newspaper said that despite all this, it seemed that India had taken this big step, angry with the lack of proper steps from London.

The Times newspaper has published a report to this effect quoting sources in the UK government. The newspaper wrote that India was angry with the attack on the Indian High Commission in London on March 19 by a Sikh organization supporting Khalistan and it has been decided to stop the talks. “India wants the UK government to publicly condemn Khalistani extremism.

It is noteworthy that 7 rounds of negotiations have been held between India and UK regarding the “Free Trade Agreement” and it was also believed that this agreement will be signed in 2023.

Last November, the talks between the two countries were almost complete and it was also believed that in March 2023, the two countries would sign a free trade agreement.

This conversation has been going on for about 24 months. This agreement has full potential to increase trade and investment between the two countries. Indian government sources say that negotiations on 14 of the 26 chapters were completed. UK’s Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has already expressed hope that this trade agreement will be signed soon.


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