Ontario: Starting from today, everyone aged 18 years and older will now be able to get a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent vaccine in Ontario.

Although ba·5 is being found mainly in the omicron subvariant province and the bivalent vaccine is also designed for the BA·5 subvariant, health officials say that the booster dose provides protection against all types of omicron variants.

The Bivalent is authorized for use as a single booster dose in individuals 12 years of age and older. It is now available for 18 and older, officials said.

The bivalent vaccines include a component of the original virus strain to provide broad protection against COVID-19 and a component of the omicron variant to provide better protection against this deadly virus caused by the omicron variant.

With the onset of winter season, the season of respiratory diseases also begins and it is advisable to get a booster shot of the biovalent vaccine as soon as possible for persons with weak immunity, such as those aged 70 years and above, as well as immunocompromised persons aged 12 years and above, officials said.

Earlier this month, long-term care residents and health workers were administered a shot of Moderna’s new Spikewax bivalent vaccine.

Apart from this, the pediatric Pfizer vaccine is also available for children between six months and five years of age.

Appointments for getting the booster dose can be booked from 8:00 am on Monday through the COVID-19 vaccine portal or directly through various public health units’ own booking systems, healthcare providers and pharmacies participating in it.

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