Toronto: The staff members of the Toronto Elementary School are under investigation for allegedly locking a six-year-old Black boy in a room the size of a cupboard in January.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) confirmed on Monday that its staff was aware of the racist incident at John Fisher Junior Public School.

As a result, the principal, vice principal and a teacher of this school have been removed from the property and asked to work from home.

On Monday, the child’s mother, Faridah, said that the incident was very painful and beyond speculation. Faridah said that there have been many incidents of racist behavior against her and her son in the past, but the January incident has put everything to the end. She said her child was locked up in a small cupboard-like room for 30 minutes.

In a written statement issued on Monday, the TDSB said they are working towards completing the investigation in the case at the earliest and after that strict action will be taken against the culprits.

Faridah said that on January 31, her child was sent to office and he was waiting there when another child came to the office for medical treatment.

The boy asked the student in need what had happened to him as the two children knew each other. Later, Faridah’s son was then locked up in the room citing that he was diverting the attention of others.

She also alleged that even on normal days her son is made to sit on a dilapidated desk alone in a corner as he is the only black student in the class.

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