Toronto: John Tory has been re-elected as mayor of Toronto for the third time. He will have a chance to become Toronto’s longest serving mayor if he completes four years in the office.

According to the results of the election announced on Monday night, Tory received 62 percent of the 93 percent of the votes cast, easily defeating second-placed Gil Penalosa.

Penalosa received with about 17.9 per cent of the vote. Tory celebrated the triumph with his supporters at the Fairmount Royal York Huttle after news of the victory came in. He said that he loves his city and he likes to work for the people here and that is why he ran for re-election.

He said that in the last eight years, they have done many good works but many works are still incomplete which need to be completed at the earliest.

Patrick Brown re-elected Brampton mayor for second time

Patrick Brown was also re-elected mayor of Brampton, easily defeating lawyer Nikki Kaur. He sailed to victory after a continuous campaign and fighting with the Council Division during his first term.

In March, Brown ran for the Leadership of the Conservative Party, but brown was disqualified after being accused of paying another company to a volunteer of his campaign. Brown has consistently denied the allegations.

Bonnie Crombie re-elected as Mississauga mayor

For the third time in a row, Bonnie Crombie has been re-elected as Mississauga mayor, defeating Derek Ramkissoon and others in a landslide victory.

Crombie has been mayor since 2014 when he replaced Hazel McCallion, who had held the post of mayor since the 1970s.

After her first term in office, Crombie was re-elected mayor in 2018 with 75 percent of the vote.

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