New York: A store clerk of Punjabi origin working at a store adjacent to a gas station in Tupelo, Mississippi province, shot dead during a robbery attempt by a non-white-origin robber.

The robber shot 33-year-old Punjabi Paramvir Singh, who was working there shooting with a revolver in the head and killed him. The robber has been identified as Krish Copeland.

According to the footage of the cameras, the store clerk did not argue with him. He shot Paramvir Singh in the head during a robbery attempt. The police arrested the accused person and produced him before the judge soon after.

On scanning the footage of the cameras, it was found that Paramvir Singh gave some money to accused and then opened the safe to save his life, police said.

Krish Copeland still ordered Singh to go to the floor and jumped on the counter and shot the victim.

Police have arrested the killer, Copeland, and is currently in prison. According to police, the killer, accused has a criminal history. He had several charges of theft against him earlier as well.

Paramveer Singh hails from Dhapai village in Kapurthala district, who was the only son of his parents.

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