Ottawa: Amid the celebrations of King Charles’ coronation in London, the federal government announced that the picture of King Charles will appear on Canada’s $20 note and coins.

During the coronation of King Charles on Saturday, the Bank of Canada said that in the next design, the portrait of King Charles will appear on a bill of $20 in place of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

The Royal Canadian Mint will redesign the Canadian coins and the coins will also have a picture of King Charles engraved on them. In this way, the centuries-old tradition of drawing the picture of the then King or Queen of Britain on Canadian coins will be maintained.

No information has been given yet on when the process of redesigning these will be completed. But the federal government says Canadians will soon see the picture of King Charles in coins, but it will take a few years for this design to be engraved on $20 notes.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a news release that the federal government has instructed the Bank of Canada and the Royal Canadian Minute to prepare this design. But the current coin and the $20 notes, on which the picture of Queen Elizabeth is printed, will continue to run.

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