New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took a dig at the Congress-Left alliance for the upcoming Assembly elections in Tripura.

Addressing a rally in Tripura on Saturday, he said the parties which are “wrestling” in Kerala today have come together for their own benefit.

PM Modi further said that some other parties are also supporting this alliance of the opposition. But I just want to tell the people that if any of your votes go to them, it will be to take Tripura’s development back many years.

Addressing an election rally at Radhakishorepur in Gomti district, the Prime Minister said that parties which have been known for misgovernance have joined hands today for ‘donations’.

“These are the same parties that are fighting ‘wrestling’ in Kerala and showing ‘friendship’ in Tripura. “The opposition just wants to divide your vote,” Modi said.

“The opposition just wants to divide your vote. Some smaller parties are also joining them to divide the vote. They feel that by doing so, they will change the outcome of the election and after that they will get whatever they want for it.”

Earlier in the day, addressing another election rally at Ambasa in Dhalai district, Modi alleged that the Left and Congress governments created a divide between tribals, while the BJP had worked to resolve their issues. These issues, in particular, include Bru.

“We have rehabilitated more than 37,000 Bru Refugees displaced from Mizoram in Tripura. Our government has added tribal language Kokborok to higher education. We have allocated Rs 1 lakh crore for the development of tribal areas in it,” Modi said.

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