New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Karnataka. On Saturday, PM Modi was holding a road show in Davangere, Karnataka. Meanwhile, a young man tried to break into his security.

In this video, PM Modi is seen accepting greetings by showing hands to people standing on both sides of the road during the roadshow and his convoy is moving slowly.

After some time, as his convoy moves a little further, a young man tries to break the security cordon and run straight towards him. He was chanting Modi ji Modi ji.

Seeing the young man going towards PM Modi’s convoy, all the security personnel present there come in action and the youth was immediately caught and taken away.

After this, a police officer handed over the young man to other police officers. But amidst all this, PM Modi continues his roadshow and accept greetings by showing hands to people standing alongside the road.

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