Toronto: The Liberal MP, who reportedly benefited from China’s interference during the elections, has denied allegations that he was helped by a foreign government during his nomination campaign.

Speaking to reporters, Han Dong said that neither was there any offer of help from the foreign government nor did he ever accept such help. He made it clear that he was Canadian and was nominated by the Liberals for the Don Valley North. He said that he just wants to focus on his work.

Last month, some media reports suggested that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) had warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ahead of the 2019 election that a Liberal candidate was part of China’s foreign interference network. But this report was not yet confirmed by authorities.

Dong, a former Ontario MP, was elected from the Don Valley North constituency. According to reports, Dong was preferred by China over any other Chinese-Canadian liberal and was also part of a network influencing China’s elections.

Trudeau defended Dong, denying claims that CSIS had warned him not to choose the candidate. Trudeau also said at a news conference in Mississauga last month that Dong is a remarkable member of our team and it cannot be believed that he is not loyal to Canada.

Meanwhile, for the first time on Tuesday, Dong denied the allegations against him, saying that unconfirmed allegations against him were being made by anonymous sources.

He also said that the Chinese government had no hand in his nomination.

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