Ontario: Loblaw will not be able to continue the moratorium on the prices of goods associated with its house brand. This was revealed on Tuesday by Canada’s largest grocery retailer.

Loblaw Companies Limited on Tuesday confirmed that the ban on the prices of no-name products will end after Tuesday and there will be no increase in it.

In October, it was announced by the company that it was going to ban the prices of its house brand for three months. These included 1500 grocery related items

The company had put on hold the price hike till January 31 in view of the skyrocketing prices of groceries.

Canadians who bought no-name brand items in place of other major brands saved several million dollars during the ban on these prices.

The company also said that during this time the prices of food items continued to increase and the cost of keeping our shelves full also increased month by month.

The company also says that it will keep a grip on no-name prices as much as possible and this year also people will be able to save a lot of money by buying no-name items.

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