The farmer of Ludhiana modified the tractor trolley prepared like a bus for the tractor parade.

To participate in the Farmers Protest Delhi Tractor Parade, a farmer from Machhiwara has got a tractor trolley modified. They also put pictures of the demands of the farmers and pictures of the martyrs on the bus.

Farmers have been assessing for the last two months.In protest against the agricultural laws, many farmers are taking away tractors for the tractor parade to be taken out in Delhi on Republic Day. In the passion of the movement, a farmer from Machhiwara spent two lakh rupees to build a tractor trolley bus so that more people could be carried in the parade.

This tractor trolley, prepared like a bus, was the center of attraction when the Indian Farmers Union Doaba convoy of 200 tractors passed through the town of Machhiwara on Saturday. Pictures showing farming and Punjabi culture were attracting everyone. Karamjit Singh, a farmer of village Wazidpur, said that he specially prepared a trolley like a bus to participate in the Delhi Tractor Parade. It cost more than two lakh rupees.

According to Karamjit, he bought an old bus cabin and repaired it on a trolley. There are also seats and mattresses in the bus. To make the bus attractive, pictures related to the demands of the farmers and pictures of the martyrs have been installed. From this, the message has been given that the farmers of Punjab are not going to back down from struggle and sacrifice.

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