Chandigarh: The panchayat of Malerkotla district of Punjab has passed a strange resolution boycotting the people of Christianity in the village. This decision is really shocking because people of all religions live together in this village.

Recently, a proposal was also put in place to give space for the construction of a mosque in the village. But today the panchayat boycotted the brotherhood of the people of Christianity.

The panchayat and the people of the village stand by the proposal put forward by the Jalwana panchayat and are saying that whatever decision has been taken is right.

Explaining the logic behind this, panchayat members said that the martyrdom day of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Sahibzadas and Mata Gujar Kaur was being celebrated all over the country.

There was an atmosphere of grief in the entire Sikh community about this. But there are some people in his village whose name is Singh, but they are associated with Christianity. On December 25, during Christmas, panchayat objected to the bursting of firecrackers in the village but people associated with Christianity community refused.

After this, taking consent of the village head and the entire village, it was proposed in the panchayat that they would not have any relationship with these people associated with Christianity nor would they be given space to build a religious place in the village until these people removed Singh or Kaur from their names.

When contacted, Malerkotla District Deputy Commissioner Jitendra Jorwal said, “I am not aware of the matter. But I will now investigate it.”

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