New Delhi: A man accused of killing his 26-year-old live-in partner Shraddha Walker five months ago, has been arrested by the police in Delhi on Monday.

Police have registered a case of murder against the accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla.

According to police sources, Aftab had killed Shraddha, chopped her body into 35 pieces and dumped it in different areas of Delhi in 18 days after the murder.

On November 8, 59-year-old Vikas Madan Walker lodged an FIR at Mehrauli police station in Delhi for kidnapping of his daughter.

Shraddha Walker, 26, worked in a call centre in a multinational company in Mumbai where she met Aftab Amin. They both were staying together in a live-in relationship. When the family came to know about this relationship, they objected the relationship.

Following this, couple left Mumbai and started living in Chhatarpur area of Mehrauli.

Shraddha Walker’s father said that he lives with his family in Palghar, Maharashtra. When he reached Shraddha’s flat in Chhatarpur on November 8, where the daughter lived on rent, the door of the flat was found locked.

He then reached Mehrauli police station and lodged an FIR with the police. Police detained Aftab from his flat on Saturday.

Police said that when the accused Aftab was caught, he first denied the whereabouts of the victim. But later confessed to his crime, police said.

According to the police, Aftab said that Shraddha often used to put pressure on him to get married. There was a fight between the two on this. On May 18, during a quarrel, he strangled Shraddha to death. After this, he chopped the body into several pieces from the chapad and thrown in different areas of Delhi.

He has also confessed that he used to leave the flat at 2 am every night and kept throwing the body pieces at different places for 18 days. He had bought a large 300-litre fridge to keep the body.

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