Victoria: Mandated use of electronic logging devices for commercial vehicle operators will come into effect throughout British Columbia from Tuesday. 

The province said these devices track drivers’ time behind the wheel, reducing the likelihood of driving while tired. 

The devices also helps ensure drivers stick to the allowable regulation driving time in a day.

Mandated use of electronic logging devices was announced in February 2023. To install devices throughout their commercial vehicle and complete driver and dispatcher training, six-month time was given before its implementation.   

The B.C. government said it has partnered with carriers to introduce this tool to increase safety and reduce the risks associated with driver fatigue.

“This is in step with federal ELD regulations, which Transport Canada established for the inter-provincial trucking sector in 2021, and has been committed to by all provinces and territories. Enforcement of the federal regulations began on January this year,” the province said in a statement. 

According to officials, electronic logging devices improve the management of driver hours of service, and help the trucking industry by reducing paperwork and associated costs. 

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