New Delhi: In view of the violence in Manipur, the Manipur government has issued ‘shoot at sight’ orders on Thursday. Also, 55 columns of the Army and Assam Rifles have been deployed to prevent widespread riots between the tribals and the majority Meitei community.

A defence ministry spokesman said 14 battalions of the Army have been put on standby to take stock of the situation. The Centre, which is monitoring the situation in Manipur, has also sent teams of a special force, the Rapid Action Force (RAF), to handle the riots for deployment in the violence-hit areas of the northeastern state.

The RAF is a specialised branch of the CRPF that deals with law and order-related situations. “These 500 personnel will be deployed in sensitive areas,” a senior ministry official revealed.

While the Assam Rifles and the Indian Army are deployed in the most violent affected areas. “The situation is not good and that is why the governor has given orders to shoot at sight,” says a senior official.

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