According to the BC Hydro report findings, British Columbians feel they are more prepared for power outages after stocking up for COVID-19 household supplies, but stocking up of Toilet paper, disinfectant wipes won’t help during power outages.

New BC Hydro data indicates a rise in these storms of 117 percent from 52 in 2014 to an estimate of 113 over the past three years which impacted around one million customers. BC Hydro’s new survey found that about 20% British Columbians think they are more prepared for winter storms this year because of COVID-19, this sense of preparedness comes from stocking up of hand sanitizers, disinfectants.

BC Hydro recommends having an emergency preparedness kit that will last upto 72 hours. The kit should contain enough bottled water, first aid kit, flash lights and batteries. 

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