Ontario: Marit Stiles was formally elected the new leader of the Ontario NDP. A majority of party members voted in favour of their lone candidate.

Stiles was confirmed by the party after the leadership vote held at an event held in downtown. Stiles will now be the leader of the main opposition in the assembly. Addressing her supporters on the occasion, Stiles said, “From today, the Doug ford government has begun to count, and we are going to make a new beginning for the bright future of Ontario.”

She has been a member of the NDP in the Provincial Parliament since 2018 and has not fielded any other candidate in the leadership race. She is representing toronto’s Davenport constituency.

For many years, she served as the party’s education critic and previously served as president of the federal NDP in addition to the school trustee.

Meanwhile, Ford congratulated Marit Stiles on becoming the leader of the party. Ford said he looked forward to working closely with everyone for the future of Ontario.

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