Chandigarh: Mining in Punjab has become a major threat to national security, Indian Army told the Punjab and Haryana High during a hearing on Thursday.

The Army submitted a 5-point report in which it was said that bunkers built on the India-Pakistan International due to rampant mining. These bunkers are on the border passing through Amritsar. Hundreds of trucks pass over the bunkers daily, causing the bunkers to cave in, the report said.

Risk of floods due to mining

The Army said that this is weakening the bunkers. At the same time, during a fight, there may be a problem in counter-attacking for the security forces. Not only this, due to mining, the flow of water in the rain can change. This can lead to flood-like conditions, BSF officials told the court.

In this case, the High Court had summoned a report from the Punjab government, but the government sought time again today.

Mining banned in Gurdaspur and Pathankot

Earlier, the High Court had stopped all types of mining in Gurdaspur and Pathankot. The BSF and the Army had raised questions on mining. The BSF had said that there is no record who are the people mining here. Mining is happening day and night due to the sound of mining, it is also making difficult for security forces to detect drones coming from Pakistan, officials said.

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