Chandigarh: Senior congress leader & Punjab’s leader of the opposition (LoP) Partap Singh Bajwa on Friday has censured the Bhagwant Mann government saying superficial & half hearted measures would not be sufficient to make Punjab Rangla (prosperous).

In fact such superfluous steps only to change the outer appearance of the state run dispensaries as well the hospitals which have been bereft of doctors, equipment and medicines would make Punjab Gandhla (Ugly) rather than Rangla.

Bajwa while referring to the various media reports said it was a well known fact in the state that government run dispensaries especially in the rural areas and the civil hospitals were a picture of absolute neglect and the patients and their attendants have been continuously demanding upgradation of these medical facilities.

“ However instead of improving and investing in the aforesaid shortcomings the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government is spending crores of rupees of the state exchequer to deck up these so-called Mohalla clinics so that they look outwardly good in appearance. In fact the Bhagwant Mann government should have rather first cleaned up the muck and the rot that had set in these institutes over the years”.

Bajwa said at the end of the day this effort of the AAP government merely looked like a ploy to gain political popularity & mileage instead of actually doing something concrete to improve the deteriorating health services in the state for more than 10 months now.

Bajwa said the AAP government was only trying to create a false hype in the media with the abundance of misleading advertisements worth crores of rupees to further its superficial claim with no substance in it.

“ That’s why when a former health secretary Ajoy Sharma had put his foot down and did not agree to release advertisements worth crores and which were to be displayed all over the country he was shunted out of his department overnight”, said Bajwa.

Bajwa said similarly in the case of school education the AAP government has failed miserably in Punjab. The Punjab government run schools comprising primary, high and the secondary education have already been adjudged the best in the various surveys conducted by the union ministry of higher education in the past, the fact which the AAP government could never appreciate, digest or tolerate”, added Bajwa.

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