Mumbai: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) committee has rejected Sharad Pawar’s resignation on Friday, senior party leader Praful Patel. Praful Patel said that a few days ago Sharad Pawar had given us the responsibility of selecting a new president by forming a committee of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

“My name was first in this committee. When Sharad Pawar announced his resignation, we were all at the event. Since then, he is being appealed to withdraw his resignation. We told him that today not only the party but also the politics of the state and the country need him,” he said.

The NCP committee has rejected Sharad Pawar’s resignation. All the members of the committee have taken this decision unanimously.

Praful Patel said that all the members of the committee will now go to Sharad Pawar and inform him about the proposal that has been passed. Sharad Pawar will continue to hold the post as party president for as long as he has a tenure. After this decision of the committee, celebrations have started among NCP workers.

Ever since Sharad Pawar announced his resignation from the post of NCP president, his party has been in turmoil. On the one hand, there is talk of deciding the name of the new president, on the other hand, NCP workers have taken to the streets in support of Sharad Pawar in many cities of the state. They are constantly demanding him to withdraw the decision.

They say that Sharad Pawar should remain the president and he should withdraw his decision. Posters, hoardings have been put up at many places in support of Pawar.

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