Ottawa: Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will sit down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss issue of privatization of health care ahead of next week’s summit with premiers.

He also sought a debate on the issue in the House of Commons to hold an emergency debate on the issue of privatization of health care.

During his holidays, Jagmeet Singh spent most of his time talking and meeting in British Columbia over the growing crowd of people in the emergency room and the shortage of workers.

Jagmeet Singh said that the issue of health care is the main issue for us and there is already a huge shortage of staff and if the whole system goes into private hands, then the hospitals will be more deprived of doctors and nurses.

The Conservative government in Ontario, led by Premier Doug Ford, announced earlier this month that it would hand over some of the hospitals’ operations to publicly funded, private facilities to reduce waiting times for surgeries.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the health system was adversely impacted. Similar steps have been taken by provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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