Ontario: The treatment plans are being adopted by pharmacists as some drug companies in Canada are complaining of a lack of antibiotics used to treat children.

According to information provided by Health Canada, four pharmaceutical companies are complaining of a shortage of medicines that contain the antibiotic amoxicillin. Melanie McKenzie, clinical pharmacy coordinator and pharmacist at IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax, said that when treating a variety of diseases in children, amoxicillin can be used in many ways and it is very effective.

In an interview, she said that they also use it for a variety of common infections and we also use it to cure pneumonia, bronchitis and ear infections.

Drug companies Sannis Health, Aptex, GSK and Teva Canada have reported a shortage of amoxicillin on Canada’s drug-deficient database. Health Canada said there are eight other drug-producing companies that manufacture drugs containing amoxicillin and said they had no problem in supplying these drugs.


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