Ontario: Ontario is proposing to allow municipalities to expand their borders at any time to build more homes to make its land development and growth plans effective.

A new bill in this regard, called the Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants Act, was introduced by the government on Thursday afternoon. The bill includs the need to combine and evaluate the two lands using planning documents – the Provincial Planning Statement and A Plan to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

“As a government, we believe that there is room for development on this side across Ontario,” Steve Clark, Ontario’s housing minister said.

The government said that under the changes in the new policy, the construction of houses near transit stations and the construction of most houses in rural areas can be included as a tool for cooperation in development.

Under the new policy, municipalities would be given freedom to decide when and where they want to expand the boundaries of their settlement areas. According to officials, this will enable more land for housing. According to government documents, the settlement area is where development is concentrated.

Apart from this, some special changes have also been made to protect the tenants. If the bill is passed, the landlords will have to give a grace period of 60 days to the tenants during the repair of the house and after the completion of the repair, the tenants will be able to return to the house on the rent already paid.

If the landlord does not allow the tenant to re-enter the house on the previous rent, the tenant will be able to apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board two years after leaving the house or six months after the completion of the repair. $6·5 million will be invested to improve the services of the Landlord and Tenant Board and speed up decision-making.

The bill also proposes a fine of $100,000 for individuals found guilty under the Residential Tenancy Act and $500,000 on corporations.

The government said tenants will also get new rights to install air conditioners etc.


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