Ontario: MP Graham McGregor (Brampton North) and MP Hardeep Grewal (Brampton East) met with Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Clark to discuss the government’s plan for Ontario’s housing supply crisis and its impact on Brampton.

“Our government has passed the More Homes Built Faster Act to end the housing supply crisis in Ontario. Under this, it has been decided to end this crisis by building 1.5 million houses by 2031. In the meantime, self-owned and rented homes will be built in Brampton to meet the needs of all Ontario residents,” officials said.

These will include single family homes as well as townhomes and residential apartments will also be developed. Under this Act, the government is doing away with development charges so that affordable houses can be provided to the people.

MP McGregor said he was well aware of the crisis. A lack of supply means that many people in Brampton are not able to find a home according to their needs and budget. Therefore, in the next decade, our government has set a target of building 1.5 million homes so that young Canadians can also realize their dream of home.

Speaking on the occasion, MP Hardeep Grewal from Brampton East said, “Our government understands that we are going through a housing supply crisis.” He said that they have to ensure that houses are prepared keeping in mind the increase in population. Our government policies have seen remarkable results.

In the last three years, we have invested $4.4 billion in this sector. To help the community and build affordable homes in the Peel Region, we also ran the Social Services Relief Fund and the Homelessness Prevention Program.

For 2022-2023, Peel Region received $30.7 million under the Homelessness Prevention Program and $49.4 million under the Social Services Relief Fund.

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