Ontario: Ontario’s Liberal Party are set to vote for their new leader through ranked ballots in late November and the results will be out on December 2.

An announcement in this regard was made by the party executive on Sunday. In 2022, then-party leader Steven Del Duca resigned after failing to win the required number of seats during the elections. At that time, the Liberal Party had a second consecutive defeat.

MP Nate Erskine Smith, MP and former Ontario Minister Yasir Naqvi and current Provincial Caucus member and former MP Ted Hsu are among the probable candidates for the post.

According to information provided by the party, during the race for this post, it will hold five debates across the province. The Liberals said the date for the registration of candidates would be announced soon.

The deadline has been set for September 5 and candidates will have to submit a deposit of $ 100,000 as entry fee and a refundable $ 25,000.

“With the election of our next leader, we will pave the way for a successful campaign and breathe only by ending Doug Ford’s power as premier,” party president Catherine McGarry said in a statement.

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