Ottawa: Opposition MPs on Thursday passed a resolution seeking a public inquiry into the matter of foreign interference in the elections.

Pertinently, even after reports of China interfering in Canada’s last two elections, intelligence officials that there has been no harm to Canada’s integrity despite meddling attempts by China.

The resolution, moved by the NDP, demanded a public inquiry into the matter of foreign interference during the elections and the opposition parties also voted in favor of the resolution.

After the debate, the vote came after two meetings of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC). The committee is yet to inform the House about the decision, but it is still up to the government to decide whether it heeds the committee’s advice or not.

MPs from opposition parties want the probe to go in the direction where the evidence takes it. The MPs say that the national security documents related to this should also be presented and the testimony of the concerned officials of government and political parties is also necessary.

The NDP said that the ball is “squarely” in Trudeau’s court whether to conduct an investigation under Canada’s Inquiries Act.

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