The Ottawa Police Service Traffic Enforcement Unit is actively patrolling downtown residential neighbourhoods to address traffic issues related to the ongoing demonstration.

On Wednesday, police charged one man criminally, laid 30 traffic tickets and patrolled areas including Centretown, Sandy Hill, Glebe and the Market/Lowertown areas. This enforcement will continue daily.

Police laid eight charges for unnecessary noise (honking of horns), one for transporting dangerous goods (insecure fuel cans), one for improper muffler, four for disobeying signs, two for driving the wrong way in one way traffic, one unsafe lane change, one distracted driving, six speeding, one running a stop sign and five document offences.

One driver was charged for driving while criminally prohibited. The vehicle was impounded for 45 days.

Police have also deployed cruisers with Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) technology. ALPR is a device which helps police ensure road safety by identifying a variety of Highway Traffic Act (HTA) infractions, including stolen licence plates and suspended or unlicensed drivers.

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