London, Ontario: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday said his government is giving grocery companies until Thanksgiving to come up with a plan to stabilize food prices.

He announced it while addressing the media after the conclusion of Liberal national caucus retreat. 

Trudeau said if the companies don’t provide a plan, the federal government is not ruling out forcing them to act through tax measures.

It was one of several affordability measures Trudeau on Thursday 

The federal Liberals are also following through on a promise they first made in the 2015 election – to remove the G.S.T. on construction of new rental apartment buildings.  

The federal government’s decision to remove federal GST on new rental construction has been welcomed by several provinces, including British Columbia. 

BC Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon said it is a positive development to address the housing crisis. 

He said though a number of measures are required to address the issue, this decision is a significant step toward enhancing housing affordability.

Ravi Kahlon said he had been demanding removal of federal GST for a long. 

BC premier David Eby has also welcomed the decision. — With The Canadian Press 

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