Ontario: The member of parliament Annie Koutrakis said the federal government was unable to accurately predict Canadians’ willingness to travel when planning to return to normal life when restrictions were lifted after the pandemic.

This summer, airlines and airports were unable to control the floods of customers. On the one hand, there was a lot of enthusiasm among travelers while airlines and airports were seen struggling with the lack of staff.

As a result, travelers faced difficulties at airports, especially Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, such as cancellation of flights, delays in getting luggage, and long queues.

Last month, due to a minor glitch, the Arivcan app instructed 10,200 travelers to quarantine for 10 days, even though they were not even required to do so, MP said.

Speaking to reporters in Calgary, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Liberal MP Annie Koutrakis, said there had been a mistake somewhere in predicting a return to normal life. After being trapped in the epidemic, whenever he got open, everyone wanted to travel and he also wanted to travel at the same time.

She said that the government also faced the pandemic for the first time and many lessons are also being learnt for the first time. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra was taken for a long time when he appeared before a house of commons committee last week.

Meanwhile, Annie Koutrakis announced that the government will give $2 million to help Calgary International Airport.

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