New Delhi: A poster war has started in national capital after Delhi Police intercepted a van and seized over 10,000 anti-Modi posters in the national capital.

These objectionable posters were put up in many areas of the capital against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Following this, Police have so far registered a total of 138 FIRs and arrested 6 accused in other objectionable poster cases including PM Modi.

Of the total FIRs registered, 36 are for putting up anti-Modi posters. According to the police, the name of the printing press was not written in the posters, so the action is being taken on a large scale. 2000 thousand posters were removed from the walls, while 2000 thousand have been seized.

So far, 4 accused have been arrested, including two owners of printing presses. These posters read – “Remove Modi, save the country”

These objectionable posters against PM Modi were found on walls and pillars in different areas of Delhi. The Delhi Police seized a van from IP State area, whose driver said its owner had said that the AAP headquarters had to deliver the posters. He had carried the AAP headquarters poster a day earlier.

The Delhi Police also arrested the owner of two printing presses, both of whom did not write the name of their printing press in the posters.

The Aam Aadmi Party has taunted that the dictatorship in Delhi has reached the peak. The Aam Aadmi Party has called BJP and said that dictatorship has reached at its peak in Delhi.

“The dictatorship of the Modi government is at its peak! !️ What is so objectionable in this poster that Modi ji has made 100 F.I.R. for putting it? PM Modi, you may not know but India is a democratic country. So scared of a poster! Why?,” AAP wrote in a tweet.

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