New Delhi: Pakistan, which is facing floods and food crisis, will once again start trade with India. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has announced this. “Due to this flood and rise in food prices, we will open trade routes with India,” Mifta Ismail said.

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Mifta Ismail today told the media that the government may consider importing vegetables and other food items from India to facilitate people due to the destruction of crops due to the recent floods.

According to Pakistan media, Mifta Ismail has given this answer in response to a question while holding a press conference in Islamabad.

Efforts to start trade with India for a long time.

Sources were quoted as saying that Pakistan’s former security advisor Moeed Yusuf was working on some proposals regarding trade with India. At the same time, Pakistan’s former commerce advisor Razak Dawood has also advocated for the resumption of trade with India on several occasions.

In March 2021, Pakistan’s Economic Coordination Committee had said that it would allow the country’s private sector to import 0.5 million tonnes of white sugar and cotton from India through the Wagah border. However, the decision was rejected within a few days. In fact, the PMLN and PPP had opposed this decision, which is currently running a coalition government in Pakistan.

Vegetable prices skyrocket in Pakistan

The price of vegetables in Pakistan is skyrocketing. In the Lahore market, onion is being sold at Rs 500 per kg and tomato at Rs 400 per kg. Food prices are expected to jump further in the coming days as the supply of vegetables from Balochistan, Sindh and south Punjab has been badly affected due to the floods.

At present, onions and tomatoes are being supplied from Afghanistan to the cities of Lahore and Punjab. This supply is being done through the Torkham border.

Earlier, Lahore Market Committee Secretary Shahzad Cheema had also said that the government could import onions and tomatoes from India.

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