Ottawa: Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has been working to clear his debt during the federal Conservative leadership bid, but without any help from the party or the ability to issue tax receipts for donors.

Brown was dropped from the race last year by Canada’s Conservative Party for allegedly violating leadership race rules and the Canada Election Act. Brown, who denied any wrongdoing, re-elected as mayor of Brampton. But brown made a fundraiser in the Greater Toronto Area last week to repay the debt he had incurred during his campaign, which charged $1,700 per ticket.

John Mykytyshyn, manager of Brown’s campaign, said his team set up an account in the name of his government agent to collect donations.

Mykytyshyn did not say how much Brown owes for the campaign, but said it was not more than $1 million. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Election Canada said Brown would have to submit his final campaign return by March 10.

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