New Delhi: A pet dog bites a child in the lift of a society in Ghaziabad, owner of the dog did not react and left without checking on the moaning boy in the pain.

The CCTV footage of the incident has now gone viral on social media and after this police have registered an FIR against woman under IPC section 289 (negligent conduct with respect to animal) of IPC at Nandgram police station.

After the incident, the residents of the society demanded that the transport of pet dogs in the lift should be stopped.

According to the police, the incident took place in the lift of Charms Castle Society of Rajnagar Extension at around 6 pm on Monday. A 9 year old boy studying in class 4 was returning home after studying tuition. He was going to come down from the lift when a pet dog of a woman in the lift bit him.

During this, the woman stands silently watching the boy. She did not make any effort to talk to the child and the woman exits the lift on her floor, the dog once more tried to bite him, but this time the child survives.

The child’s mother Jayankara Rao has filed a case against the unidentified woman. Rao said, “When I was standing on the ground floor, the son came and narrated whole incident to her. Shockingly, woman was taking her dog to the bathroom in the basement but she didn’t care to talk about incident to her.”

People reacted on social media and attacked woman for her cavalier attitude and said that people don’t want to get rid of aggressive dogs.

Many users said that if people want to keep a pet, they should also ensure that it will not harm others especially children.

People also sought immediate arrest of the woman in this case.

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