Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended his support to the country’s top Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) after reports surfaced that one of its contractors assisted to traffic three British teenage girls to Islamic State extremists seven years ago.

A new book by U.K.-based writer Richard Kerbaj — The Secret History of the Five Eyes had claimed that London-born Bangladeshi-born Shamima Begum, who left Britain as a teenager to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist network, was smuggled to Syria by a Canadian spy.

In the book’s name, ‘Five Eyes’ is used for the intelligence sharing network between Canada, UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

“Canadians kept this secret for seven years,” Karbaz said. Following this, a controversy erupted over the issue and the Canadian civilian intelligence agency was under fire over the matter.

PM Trudeau said that to combat terrorism, intelligence agencies require to be flexible and creative in their approaches. However, they are bound by strict rules, by principles and values and we expect that those rules be followed.”

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