Chandigarh: Launching a fierce attack on the Congress leadership for their silence over BJP’s poaching attempts in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday called Congress a ‘B-team’ of the BJP and said that the party is clandestinely working for the saffron party to cliff off the progress and development of Punjab by any means.

Addressing a press conference here at party headquarter, Punjab Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema said that it is humorous that Congress, which was the latest victim of BJP’s poaching in Goa yesterday, dared to question AAP party for proof rather than attacking the Modi government for their wicked politics and toppling governments in various states.

“None of the Congress leaders dared to question BJP but they asked us for proof of BJP’s poaching attempts even when it is happing with their party in Goa and other states. Still, Congress is supporting BJP and the silence of Congress leaders in Punjab expose their alliances with BJP,” Cheema said.

Cheema demanded a free and fair investigation from a sitting judge of Supreme Court into the case of horse-trading of Congress MLAs from Goa, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, including the horse-trading attempt of AAP MLAs from Punjab and Delhi.

He said that Congress president Sonia Gandhi is facing an ED probe and to save her, Congress is afraid to utter anything against BJP. The only aim of Congress is now to stop AAP somehow, as the directed by BJP party, which is afraid of the growing popularity of the party’s supremo Arvind Kejriwal across the country.

Lashing out at Akali Dal, Cheema said that SAD was an alliance of NDA for a long and it now wants to return to the BJP fold again that’s why Akali leaders are corroborating BJP’s statements. Even they did not object to BJP’s nefarious tactics of trying to topple the AAP government after offering Rs 25 crore to the AAP legislators in Punjab.

“Are they now officially become spokespersons of BJP or do they want to kill democracy like BJP,” Cheema said while perishing Akali Dal and Congress leaders for daring to ask AAP for proof of BJP’s venal act of poaching in the state.

Lambasting the Modi government, Cheema said that BJP is working as a ‘serial killer in Punjab and anti-national powers have joined forces to overthrow the AAP government in Punjab as it has baffled with the incessantly rising popularity of CM Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann. The Punjab police have initiated an inquiry into the matter and all will be exposed soon.

He said that the work of horse trading adopted by the BJP has been going on in different states of the country. BJP under its Operation Lotus had earlier shifted governments in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Arunachal Pradesh but it has been stopped by the AAP, first in Delhi and now in Punjab, as the party has staunch supporters of Kejriwal.

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