Ottawa: Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre says that the budget tabled by the Liberal government is a frontal attack on paycheques of hardworking Canadians. 

He said, “After eight years of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in office, his inflationary taxes have created a cost-of-living crisis that is hurting the hard-working people of this country. Conservatives had three clear demands from the budget that bring home lower prices by ending the inflationary deficits and spending, bring home powerful paycheques with lower taxes and scrap carbon tax so hard work pays off again and bring home people can afford by removing gatekeepers to free up land and speed up building permits.” 

“This budget meets none of these demands. It is a $43 billion bonanza of new inflation, debt and taxes. All that Justin Trudeau has delivered for Canadians is more debt, more inflation and more costs on the backs of the hard-working and beleaguered people of this country,” he added. 

The Conservative Party leader said they will vote no for the budget. 

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