Ontario: A news conference will be held in Winnipeg by the Premiers of Canada. Children’s hospitals are struggling due to the increasing number of children falling sick.

Hospitals across the country have to cancel some surgeries and even the necessary appointments as the number of children getting admitted to hospitals has increased and hospitals have to re-instruct their staff.

Many posts are lying vacant in hospitals and cases of respiratory diseases RSV, influenza and Covid-19 are also increasing among children.

Due to staff shortages in Ottawa, two teams of Canadian Red Cross personnel are breathing staff to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario with alternate overnight shifts.

Not only this, the situation is so bad that many patients are being sent for treatment in adult health care facilities.

A pediatric clinic in Calgary has been temporarily closed because staff have had to be sent to a children’s hospital. In view of the poor condition of healthcare across the country, there is a demand to improve it.

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