New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday urged the centre government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to print picture of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesh on the India currency.

Addressing a press conference here, Kejriwal said, “We see that those who do business keep the idol of Lakshmi Ganesh ji here, in such a situation, I appeal to the central government and PM that the picture of Gandhiji on our currency should remain the same, but along with that, the picture of Lakshmi Ganesh ji should be put on the Indian currency on the other side of the currency.”

Appealing to the government and the Center, the Delhi CM also said that if there is a picture of Gandhiji on one side and a photo of Lakshmi Ganesh ji on the other side, then it will give the entire country their blessings. Lakshmi ji is considered to be the goddess of prosperity and Ganesha removes all obstacles, so the picture of both of them should be on the new currency notes.

“We are not talking about changing all the notes, but this can be started on the new notes that are printed.

Gradually, new notes will come in circulation. Indonesia is a Muslim country, where more than 85% are Muslim and less than 2% are Hindus. But he has also printed the photo of Ganesha on his note, so I think this is a very important step that the central government should take,” he said.

During this, he said that they have to open a large number of schools, build hospitals, prepare roads and infrastructure on a very large scale, but efforts come to fruition when the blessings of gods and goddesses are received. The day before yesterday, everyone worshiped Shri Ganesh and Shri Lakshmi ji on Diwali. People prayed to God for happiness and peace and prayed for the prosperity of the country for our respective families.

Kejriwal said that they are all seeing that the economy of the country is going through a very critical phase, they are seeing that the rupee is weakening every day against the dollar. The common man has to bear the brunt of all this. Why is it that 75 years have passed since independence but the country is still a developing country and considered a poor country.

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