Ontario: Residents of Hamilton Center to cast their vote in the by-election today to elect their new provincial representative in place of Andrea Horwath.

Former Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath has held the seat since 2004 from the Hamilton Center and always register victory with a landslide margin. But after the party’s electoral defeat last year, Horwath stepped down from his position as leader and resigned from his seat.

The NDP candidate is widely expected to win the by-elections to be held today even being put on the defensive over some of her activism.

Sarah Jama is executive director and co-founder of Ontario’s Disability Justice Network. She has also played an important role in the establishment of the Hamilton Encampment Support Network and is also the co-founder of it.

Liberal candidate Deirdre Pike is also hoping for victory from this seat. Pike had contested from the constituency in 2018 as Horwath’s refusal to contest from the seat has made the contest much more competitive.

Progressive Conservative candidate Peter Wiesner, Green candidate Lucia Lannantuono, and six other candidates are also in the fray for the seat.

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