Chandigarh: In Punjab, 2650 MW power generation is decreasing due to the closure of six units of various thermal plants on Wednesday.

Four of these units are closed due to technical glitches, while two units were closed on Monday evening due to leakage in the boiler tube. These include a 660 MW unit of Talwandi Sabo plant and a 210 MW unit of Ropar plant.

At present, two units of 210 MW each of Powercom’s Ropar plant, one unit of 210 MW of Lehra Mohabbat, one unit of 700 MW of Rajpura Thermal and two units of 660 MW each of Talwandi Sabo plant are closed.

The peak power demand in Punjab on Tuesday was 8,047 MW, while Powercom’s availability from various sources stood at 3,483 MW. Of these, Powercom received 928 MW from government thermals, 1799 MW from private thermals and 473 MW from Hydel projects.

Meanwhile, Powercom had to take electricity from outside to meet the demand of electricity. Powercom has to constantly buy expensive power from outside due to increased demand.

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