New Delhi: Responding to the Congress’ complaint about the security of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the CRPF said that he has broken security protocols about 113 times since 2020.

Central security force CRPF said that Rahul Gandhi is being given security as per the guidelines. The CRPF makes security arrangements in coordination with the state police and security agencies.

The Central Security Force said that based on the threat assessment advisory issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs for each yatra, advance security liaison (ASL) is prepared in collaboration with the state governments.

The Advance Security License for the ‘Bharat Jodo’ yatra of December 24 was completed two days before. All safety norms were strictly followed by the Delhi Police and adequate number of security personnel were deployed. Arrangements for the safety of any person work well when the person himself follows the security guidelines properly.

It has also been reported that Rahul Gandhi himself has violated the security guidelines on many occasions. They have also been informed about this many times. Since 2020, 113 such violations have been found and reported to them.

Meanwhile, during the ‘Bharat Jodo’ yatra, Rahul Gandhi violated the security guidelines and the CRPF will raise this issue separately.

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