Chandigarh: More than 7 crores were looted in Ludhiana, Punjab. At 2 am, 10 miscreants armed with weapons entered the office of CMS Security Company, which deposited cash in ATMs in Rajguru Nagar. They took 5 employees present here captive.

After this, 4 crore cash kept outside the safe and a car parked outside the office were taken away. There was more than 3 crore cash in this car. They also took away the DVR of the CCTV.

After the miscreants left, the employees informed the police. On being alerted by the police, the miscreants left the vehicle near Mullanpur and fled. The car has been seized by the police. Two pistols have been found from the vehicle, while the cash is missing.

According to the information, 2 miscreants entered the office through the back gate, while 8 miscreants came in through the front gate. They also had sharp-edged weapons along with pistols. Senior police officials have also reached the spot.

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