New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday refused to entertain a plea challenging the inauguration of the new Parliament by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Why should we not impose a fine on you for filing such a petition,” the apex court asked the petitioner, who was filed by advocate C R Jayasukin.

During the hearing, the petitioner argued that the President has the post of constitutional head, due to which the inauguration should be done by him.

On this, the Supreme Court said, “We do not want to interfere in the matter. This is not a matter in which the court should intervene. “The executive head (prime minister) is a member of Parliament. The constitutional head (president) is part of parliament. We are going to dismiss the petition.”

After this, the lawyer sought permission to withdraw the petition. On this, the Solicitor General said, “If the petition is allowed to be withdrawn, then it will go to the High Court.”

On this, the court asked the petitioner whether he would go to the High Court. The lawyer said, “No. On this, the judge allowed the withdrawal of the petition.

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