Chandigarh: A shocking revelation has come to light about the link roads of Punjab, in which it has been detected that 538 km of link roads exist only on the papers.

Not only this, but it is also being told that tenders were also taken for the repair of link roads. The repair of these roads also exists only on paper. Crores of rupees of the people of Punjab have been spent on their repair in the previous years.

According to a report, this was revealed when the roads were mapped through the new technology Geographic Information System (GIS). The mapping revealed that the length of the roads is much less than 538 km. The nodal agency for maintenance of roads is the Punjab Mandi Board and the Public Works Department.

The new data being generated is also being uploaded on the GIS portal.

The total length of link roads in the state is 64,878 km but the actual length of link roads revealed by GIS technology has come out to be 64,340 km.

According to the officials, on an average, 90 kilometers of link roads have been repaired every year and according to government documents, the cost of one kilometer is about Rs 15 lakh.



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