New Delhi: As the September session is set to begin in Canada, thousands of students are forced to buy expensive air tickets at the last minute due to last-minute visas.

At present, the ticket for the cheapest air flight from Delhi to Toronto is available with an average base price of Rs 1. 67 lakh and after imposing taxes and other charges on it, the ticket would cost about Rs 2 lakh.

These flights reach Canada with one or two stoppages in 26 to 30 hours. The prices of tickets with direct or one or two hour stoppages of 16 to 20 hours have between 2 to 3 lakh. In such a situation, going to Canada is very expensive for students at this time, an immigration expert said.

Students who recently bought tickets said that at present, the dollar is available at the rate of around 64 rupees, while the exchange rate is only 60 rupees. Many students initially take five to 10 thousand dollars with them for daily expenses and at this time thousands of students are going to Canada.

Secondly, due to Covid-19 pandemic, very few people are coming to India from Canada for the last two years, due to which there is a shortage of Canadian dollars in the open market, immigration experts said.

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