Ontario: The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) has removed the condition of wearing masks in non-clinical and non-patient areas from Monday.

However, all areas where patients will be present, such as common spaces such as lobbies and elevators, masks will still be required.

“On the recommendations of the Toronto Region Hospital Operations Table, we are going to remove the condition of masks in certain areas of the campus,” Senior Communications Advisor for Sickkids Sarah Warr said in an email.

He said that these recommendations are based on the reduction in the risk of spread of COVID-19 and the non-high risk period of transmission of the respiratory virus from one person to another.

“Effective from April 24, there will be no need for masking at non-clinical places other than the administrative offices and meeting places of the Sick Kids campus,” the statement read.

Apart from this, there will be no need to wear masks at the Peter Gilgan Center for Research and Learning, 525 University, 180 Dundas and other off-site events.

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