New Delhi: The Special Cell of Delhi Police has made a big revelation in the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala and said that four killers of slain singer hid in the field for an hour, 10 km away from the place of murder. The Delhi claimed that had the Punjab police personnel acted promptly, the assailants would have been caught on the same day itself.

There was laxity in the police action as the PCR car also passed from the spot when locals reported uncertain activities near the fields, Delhi Police told Punjab Police.

Moreover, the weapons brought for the murder of Moosewala were hidden within a kilometer radius of the crime scene. This has been mentioned by the Punjab Police in the charge sheet. Clearly, apart from the security lapse in the Moosewala murder case, there are many lapses in the handling of murder case of popular Punjabi singer, Delhi police said.

Bolero module shooters were hiding

According to Delhi Police, after killing Moosewala, Bolero module shooters Priyavart Fauji, Ankit Sersa, Deepak Mundi and Kashish fled towards Haryana. During this they saw a PCR vehicle coming from behind. Because of which he lost his way and went towards Khyala village. There they left the Bolero and hid in the adjacent field. During this the PCR car left without stopping.

Goldy Brar sends Keshav

After the four shooters were trapped there, they called the Canadian gangster Goldy Brar through the Signal app. Brar immediately called Keshav. Keshav was waiting for the shooters in his Creta car, 3 KM from Mansa. Keshav said that it could have taken an hour for him to reach the shooters. Later, they all escaped with Keshav.

Interestingly, the mobile through which shooters talked to Brar destroyed and dumped there.


Lack of barricades help assailants to flee

After this revelation, questions are being raised on the Punjab Police that they did not carry out the proper blockade after the murder of Moosewala. Neither Mansa was sealed nor the borders of Punjab with Haryana and Rajasthan were sealed. For this reason, the four shooters of the Bolero car first managed to escape to Haryana and then to Gujarat.

However, the Punjab Police clarified that after news of Moosewala’s murder, heavy police force was deployed at the place of murder and the hospital, to maintain the law and order situation. The police also did not investigate why there was lack of barricades and PCR van’s negligent, Delhi police said while rising questions over handling investigation of Moosewala case by Punjab police.

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